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Want to start programming and making iOS Apps and Games? These books will get you from a complete beginner to a seasoned expert in iOS Development!



The iOS Apprentice Series via Ray Wenderlich – $54

Learn to make iPhone and iPad apps via epic length tutorials, for complete beginners.


iOS 5 and iOS 6 by Tutorials Bundle via Ray Wenderlich – From $77

Two huge books of tutorials of the latest iOS API’s, for intermediate and advanced devs!


iOS 6 by Tutorials via Ray Wenderlich – From $54

Learn about the API’s that were introduced in iOS 6 like Auto Layout, Collection Views, and Passbook! 1,500+ pages of high quality content!


Starter Kits

Want to make a game but not sure where to start? These started kits are FILLED with helpful tutorials and source code that can save you a TON of time AND money!


iOS Game Starter Kit Bundle via Ray Wenderlich – $299

Full source code and tutorials for creating a Mario-like platformer, a side-scrolling space shooter, and a Beat Em’ Up Game!


Angry Ninjas Game Starter Kit via Cartoon Smart – $50


Wave Attack Game Starter Kit via Cartoon Smart – $25

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