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Sound Manager

Sound Manager is an extension to SimpleAudioEngine that increases functionality and allows full game/app synchronization of sound properties. Sound Manager REQUIRES SimpleAudioEngine to the included in your project in order to work. This library is FREE to use for both personal and commercial use if the following is adhered to:


1. Credit to Brandon Lassiter is placed somewhere within the game/app.

2. Source code is left in tact.

3. Once the app/game is approved an email is sent to brandon@brandonlassiter.com informing me that you used it! I will then place information regarding your game/app on the Sound Manager website to showcase its use.


If you would like to use this library without the previous restrictions you can send a donation of $5 USD via one of the donation buttons located at http://www.brandonlassiter.com, however, it would still be nice if you followed number 3 (but is not required).

Current Stable Version
Sound Manager – Version 1.1
Sound Manager – Version 1.0


Sound Manager – Version 1.1 – Documentation
Sound Manager – Version 1.0 – Documentation


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