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Sound Manager Available

Article posted on Sunday, January, 20th, 2013 at 6:16 pm

As I have been working on my latest game I finally got to the sound portion of the project. I usually use SimpleAudioEngine but decided with this game I wanted to have a little bit more control than what SimpleAudioEngine offers. I have learned some hard lessons over the years and I recently decided that if there is a task for something I could possibly use in a game I will create down the road that I was going to write in a some helper methods that I could easily drop into a new project and not have to worry about coding it again (I think this will greatly speed up my development times. Why rework everything right?).


Things I have decided to do are things like Game Center integration and now Sound. So I wrote a small library called Sound Manager that is really just an extension of SimpleAudioEngine but it has some pretty cool new features that I liked so I figured I would pass it on to you guys and everyone else. I also had a new first for myself, writing documentation! Take a look and see what you guys think! Like I said its all free!



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