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Article posted on Wednesday, July, 18th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

I am currently in the beginning stages of designing a new iOS Camera App! I have a current plan set in place for features and UI Design but I have a problem…..What to name it? Here is a brief overview of the planned functionality:

    • Instagram style photo stream
    • Multiple filters
    • Layered filter
    • Ability to change filter intensity/settings(instead of just saying “Make it Sepia!”
    • Burst/Panoramic mode (take multiple pictures and automatically stick them together into one panoramic image)
    • Multiple retouching funtionality(red eye reduction, adjust hue/contrast etc…)

This is just a small list of what I am planning on adding into the app but I need your help to come up with a name! Sadly my creativity as far as creating names is lacking. If you have any suggestions for a name or features you would like included please head over to the contact me page and drop me a line with your suggestions! It would be greatly appreciated.

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